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Proudly Celebrating 3 Decades of Excellence

History & Associations / Awards Mission and Customer Excellence Management Team

History & Associations / Awards

Forum Communications has been at the forefront in audio conference design, celebrating 3 decades of excellence, with a commitment to design quality, product value, and customer satisfaction. Forum's complete line of conference and collaboration products and emergency response solutions have been the products of choice for business and enterprise customers of all sizes, from small business and branch offices to Fortune 500 organizations, government, and Department of Defense. Learn more..

Mission and Customer Excellence

Forum Communications is dedicated to serving our global customers, from industry to government and military accounts, by providing them with high-quality, reliable, cost-effective and user-friendly conferencing, collaboration, and emergency response solutions. Our vision is to maintain long-term customer loyalty and global leadership in conferencing technology by constantly evaluating world class technologies and processes to ensure our products are state of the art.  We regularly request feedback from our customers and incorporate that feedback into our designs to deliver solutions that meet customer needs.  Forum recognizes that providing unparalleled customer service is the key to achieving and maintaining a market leadership position in the conferencing and collaboration industry. Learn more...

Management Team

Forum founders, Dr. Raj Natarajan and the late Gayne Ek, combined to create Forum Communications, now celebrating 3 decades of excellence.  With expertise in both engineering and management, their steadfast commitment to excellence in products, service and support, has been the foundation of the company's success.  Joined by a talented and experienced team of engineering, marketing, and customer service professionals, most with over ten years of service, the company continues to deliver unsurpassed product solutions and customer service excellence. Learn more...

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