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Forum founders, Dr. Raj Natarajan and Gayne Ek, combined to create Forum Communications over two decades ago. With expertise in both engineering and management, their steadfast commitment to excellence in products, service and support, has been the foundation of the company's success. Joined by a talented and experienced team of engineering, marketing, and customer service professionals, most with over ten years of service, the company continues to deliver unsurpassed product solutions and customer service excellence.

Dr. Raj Natarajan, Co-Founder, CEO, and Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Natarajan has been co-founder and CEO of Forum since its inception in 1991. He was also a co-founder and vice president of DSP Technology Corp. Dr. Natarajan is the co-inventor of the popular DCT transform technique which is the building block for image compression schemes like JPEG and MPEG and holds numerous additional patents. Dr. Natarajan is the Co-Author of a senior level text book on digital signal processing titled "Discrete-Time Signals and Systems". His previous experience includes senior executive and technical positions at Atlantic Richfield, Mead Office systems and Texas Instruments.

Gayne Ek, Co-Founder Emeritus, 1991-2012

The late Gayne Ek was the co-founder and was previously president of Forum until 2003 and served as Advisory Board chairman. He spent 21 years with Rockwell Collins and Intecom in technical and management positions in engineering, sales, and program management. He then joined DSP Technology Corp., where he was business director. Gayne held several patents and published numerous articles in the technical trade publications.

Noel H. Schnell, Vice President Sales and Marketing

Prior to joining Forum, Noel was co-founder and division vice president of the Digital Products division of Siemens Information and Communications group. Previous experience includes numerous senior management and executive roles from sales and operations to product line management at Cyneta Networks and Nortel. Noel holds numerous patents for hardware and software product designs.

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