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Products Overview

Alert III Airfield Crash System
for Military and Commercial Airfields

PCAS - Primary Crash Alarm System
SCN - Secondary Crash Net
Highly Integrated Standalone System-Embedded Hardware Design
Instant Emergency Conferencing for First Responders
System Control Console
Meets FAA Requirements for Airfield Operations

OVER 15 YEARS OF FIELD EXPERIENCE IN DESIGN AND DEPLOYMENT AT COMMERCIAL AND DOD AIRFIELDS WORLDWIDE. The Alert III Emergency Conference System instantly connects key first responders and enhances command and control capabilities through improved communications and response. The Alert III system is a form-fit replacement for outdated crash (red phone) systems.Learn more

Consortium III Conference Server

check mark
Next Generation Software based SIP Conferencing Server
check mark Comprehensive Feature Set
check mark Outlook and Calendar Integration for Scheduling
check mark Scalable from 20 to 2000 SIP Sessions

The new Consortium III Conference server is the next generation software based audio conferencing server application from Forum Communications. The new application is based on the features and functionality of the proven Consortium software application, and expands on that capability with additional features, a compact server platform, and a secure, web services based browser user interface, WebView.  The new system supports a host of new features, including support for the iPhone and Android Smartphone applications, improved blast dial capabilities, and conference recording and playback.

With our VOIP / SIP centric system, integration with your voice network or Unified Communications infrastructure is simple and cost effective.  Implement a premised based server in your datacenter, or take advantage of a Cloud based, hosted service application - either way, start improving productivity and saving time, money and travel costs.Learn more


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Consortium III Unified Capabilities Audio Conference System

APL Listed - TN1710301 Enabled Unified Capabilities Audio Conference Systems
Certified for use on all DISN Switching Systems - Local Session Controllers or Soft Switches
Voice Connectivity via ASSIP or PRI
Web Services browser interface for remote access using the AS-LAN and PKI enabled workstations
Multiple Pre-set Conferencing Options
Advanced Scheduling capabilities

Forum Communications once again demonstrates its industry leadership, with the design and deployment of the first Unified Capabilities audio conferencing system using native Assured Services Session Initiated Protocol (AS-SIP) to interface directly with the Local Session Controllers (LSCs) on the DISN.

The Consortium III UCCS is a powerful conference server which has met Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) Certification and Department of Defense (DOD) Unified Capabilities Approved Products Listing

The Forum Communications Consortium III Conference Server is certified for joint use with all Local Session Controllers, Session Controllers, or Soft Switches on the DISA Approved Products List (APL) that offer an ASSIP or PRI Interface.  The server is easy to use, offers comprehensive features, and can support from 20 to 2000 participants over multiple conference types including Pre-set Blast Dial or Meet Me Conferencing, Recurring calls, or Quick Conferences.Learn more

Consortium III Blast Notification Option

Mass Notification of Voice and Text Messaging
Intergrated or Standalone Capabilities
Multiple, Flexible delivery and retry options

Simultaneously deliver voice and text messages to hundreds or thousands of people with one call. Disseminate campus or enterprise-wide emergency warnings and instructions. Companies use this technology to contact employees, volunteers, vendors or other key personnel.  Provide network or system status messages or reports, or tailor the system to augment your other emergency notification processes and systems.  Our Blast Notification option can be delivered as an integrated solution with our Consortium III Conference server, or as an independent, standalone solution.  Backed by years of Forum expertise and reliability in the emergency communications and response sectors. Learn more

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Confer SE - Compact, Affordable Conference Bridge

check mark Fully Featured and Simple to set-up
check mark Browser based user interface
check mark Affordable, Flexible, and Secure

Forum’s best offering for SMB’s, the Confer SE (MANUFACTURER DISCONTINUED) is designed to meet the needs of small or branch offices with a cost competitive, fully featured audio conferencing solution.  Now even the smallest customer sites can enjoy the benefits of incorporating audio conferencing into their communications processes.  Expandable from  8 to 16 to 24 port sizes.  Confer SE provides a streamlined package for reliable, affordable, “meet-me” conferencing technology.  Simple and Easy to Use.

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Confer III Expandable Conference System

check mark Affordable Meet Me Conference System
check mark Easy to Use Web Browser Interface
check mark Expandable from 8 to 72 ports

The world's most affordable meet-me solution features enhanced functionality and remote administrative and network controls. Superior sound and expandability for your conference calls. The Confer III (MANUFACTURER DISCONTINUED) is the most cost competitive and durable voice conference system on the market, with a full menu of options, including Browser based GUI interface. This affordable, reliable system interfaces with virtually any PBX or Key system in today's multi-vendor environments. Expandable in 8 port increments to 72 ports, the Confer family is virtually "plug-n-play." Automatic gain adjustment and echo cancellation assure superior sound quality on all your calls.

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Emergency Hotline Conference System

check mark Immediate Emergency Hotline Conferences
check mark Automatically Blast Dials all Attendees
check mark Can operate with dedicated DSO Circuits

Forums Emergency Hotline Conference system is designed for Utility, Petroleum, Nuclear, & Chemical Facilities and Industrial Campuses.This dedicated Conferencing System will support Emergencies Response Conferencing, Dedicated Announcements & Regulatory Compliance Requirements for Information and Notification. Learn more


check mark Immediate Blast Dial Conference to Individuals, Locations, or Companies
check mark Dedicated Circuits Provide Instantaneous Connection & Communications
check mark Additional Conferencing and Mass Notification Capabilities
check mark Customized Engineering and Adaptation Available

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