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Consortium III Conference ServerConsortium III

The new Consortium III Conference server is the next generation software based audio conferencing server application from Forum Communications. The new application is based on the features and functionality of the proven Consortium software application, and expands on that capability with additional features, a compact server platform, and a secure, web services based browser user interface, WebView.  The new system supports a host of new features, including support for the iPhone and Android Smartphone applications, improved blast dial capabilities, and conference recording and playback.

With our VOIP / SIP centric system, integration with your voice network or Unified Communications infrastructure is simple and cost effective. Implement as a on-premise server or as a VM (Virtual version) in your datacenter Virtual server platform , or take advantage of as a Cloud based, hosted service application - either way, start improving productivity and saving time, money and travel costs!

Please take a look at Forum's Consortium III Video.

The new server will connect to the voice network using VOIP Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) and is completely software based (no additional hardware / interface cards are required). The software application is pre-packaged on an Enterprise grade compact 1U server. The system requires no additional hardware or network interface cards, interfaces with the data network via 100 Mbps / 1 Gpbs Ethernet and with the voice network via Session Initiated Protocol (SIP). The system is ideally suited for a premise based deployment, or a Private or hosted Cloud environment as well.

Customizable conference features & options to meet diverse needs
Simple & powerful System Administration & Reporting
Emergency management and response capabilities completely integrated in the system
Scalable from 20 to 2000 SIP sessions

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This user-friendly and highly automated server is easy to use and administer. Conference call management and scheduling privileges can be assigned to many groups, departments, or users, and can be accessed through the browser Interface, or a touchtone phone. The new browser based user interface, WebView, replaces the existing LiteUI browser and dedicated LAN client software on user workstations, eliminating additional software and maintenance requirements.


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