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Consortium III Blast Notification Option

Mass Notification of Voice and Text Messaging
Intergrated or Standalone Capabilities
Multiple, Flexible delivery and retry options

The Consortium III can play an integral role in your Corporate, Campus, or Facility Emergency Preparedness and Response capabilities. By using the Unique and Integrated Blast Notification features of the Consortium III Platform, you can leverage your investment to improve your emergency response capabilities.

Emergency notification systems provide senior leadership with the ability to respond, direct, manage, and notify during a time of crisis.

Mass Notification of Voice and Text Messaging
PreSet "Blast Dial" Conference Function can automatically dial and connect first response teams in seconds
The Emergency Blast Notification Option allows you to create, manage, and distribute emergency recordings or messages
Find-Me capability automatically delivers the message to several different numbers or media, and will retry or leave a message,  based on your needs

Consortium Blast Product Shot


Simultaneously deliver voice and text messages to hundreds or thousands of people with one call. Disseminate campus or enterprise-wide emergency warnings and instructions. Companies use this technology to contact employees, volunteers, vendors or other key personnel.  Provide network or system status messages or reports, or tailor the system to augment your other emergency notification processes and systems.  Our Blast Notification option can be delivered as an integrated solution with our Consortium III Conference server, or as an independent, standalone solution.  Backed by years of Forum expertise and reliability in the emergency communications and response sectors.

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